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Modernizing the Candidate Experience

In the age of social media where content and information is readily available to the masses with a few key strokes there are more options than ever for job searches and recruiting agencies to use. However, not all options are good ones. For example, how many times have you received an email from a recruiter for an opportunity before finding out what you’re looking for (or if you’re looking at all)? Unfortunately, because there are so many options for candidates to choose from when it comes to staffing agencies recruiting has become commoditized and the quality of the interview process has dwindled to a few emails or a 5-minute general phone call to see if you have the magic buzz words before your resume is being slung with reckless abandon around town. It’s easy to get lost so we’re here to help guide you on what to expect from your career search.

Creating a successful candidate experience is vital for all parties involved. The company or consulting firm interviewing you needs to understand that you have a choice of employers and as of April 2016 Colorado has experienced 53 consecutive months of job growth with an unemployment rate of 2.9% (third best in the country). What that means is they need to go above and beyond to attract the top talent. 45% of companies say that improving the candidate experience is their greatest talent acquisition priority however candidates aren’t happy. 46% of candidates rate their experience as poor or very poor. According to CareerBuilder 82% of candidates expect that an employer will provide some form of correspondence even if they are not interested in the candidate yet 75% of job applicants never hear back from employers or agencies.

Poor Communication equals Poor Reputation. When candidates are unhappy with the application or interview process as a result of inadequate communication 45% won’t apply for a position with your organization again and 22% will tell others not to apply for a position at your organization.

When working with a staffing agency or consulting firm, as a candidate or client, there are a few things you should EXPECT from them.

  • Communicate to inform. Whether it’s providing directions to the office, the status of your application, or to let you know we’re still working to meet your needs; communication is vital to a good experience.
  • Speak in Person. If you are working with an agency who doesn’t take time to meet you in person, how confident are you that they are able to market you or understand your needs? If you’re local to the company who’s representing you, insist on meeting them in person. Yes, it takes a little more time out of your schedule but this is your career. You get out of it what you put into it.
  • Provide Feedback. According to Business Digest, 94% of candidates want feedback on why they weren’t selected but less than 30% provide it. Demand that your recruiter provides feedback; good, bad or indifferent.
  • Stay in Touch. If the position you pursued with your recruiter doesn’t work out, be sure to stay in touch. This is a two-way street. If you want advice or just want to see what’s new out there feel free to reach out. Don’t wait for the recruiter. Recruiters should also check in randomly if for no other reason than to say hi and see how you’re doing.

At TNE, we approach the candidate experience with this in mind. We treat each candidate as a partner through a shared journey that starts with discovery. Our process is focused on quality by meeting those we represent to learn who they are as a person, what their career aspirations are, what their strengths and weaknesses are as well as what they’ve done in their career and what they’re capable of. We serve as your compass in navigating the confusing world of job searches.  Welcome to the Talent Navigation Experts.