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TNE Cares Program

At Talent Navigation Experts, we developed our TNE Cares Program to provide a world-class customer service experience for both our clients and our candidates. Our Owner and CEO, Bridget Haith, created TNE because she experienced first-hand the lack of customer service and quality of candidates presented to her as a hiring manager. Our company built a solid foundation for providing a high level of customer service while presenting premium talent around the country. By focusing more on the relationships we’re creating opposed to closing the next deal, we have created stronger, more successful partnerships. Due to this program, our retention is considerably higher than our competition.

TNE Cares for Contractors

Roughly 70% of the positions we fill are contract jobs in Denver and around the country. Our recruiting team believes in building a relationship with our contractors from the first interaction throughout their employment. If you have a question or concern about a certain contract opportunity, the interview process, or something that comes up during your employment, our team is here to help!

  • 1st Client InterviewWhen corresponding with candidates prior to the interview, our recruiters send out customized interview prep, confirm the appointment, and ensure they are in the best position to get the job.
  • Prior to the first dayTNE recruiters provide all of the details specific to the end client regarding the contractor’s first day of sure. We ensure that our contractors are set up for success before they start.
  • First DayA representative from TNE will meet and walk in each contractor on his/her first day with a welcome packet and customized note from our staffing firm. At the end of the day, a recruiter will follow up to see how the first day went.
  • 30/60/90 daysConsistent check-ins occur at 30, 60, and 90 days for both our contract and direct-hire employees to ensure that the opportunity is exceeding their expectations. We also take this time to resolve any challenges that may have surfaced.


“TNE was a breeze to work with; everything from benefits to entering time was intuitive and easy, no nonsense. Thank you so much for getting me into this position, it’s really catapulted my career and has set me on my path for my target salary I had set for my life. Thank you!!!!”

Jesus H., Contractor

“I’ve worked with other recruiters in the past but the experience with y’all blows me away. I’m almost in happy tears.”

Crystal S., Contractor

“It was such a pleasure to work with your recruitment agency for the last six months. I know all of you work hard on my behalf and I am grateful for that. I am continuing a full-time employment and that would not have been possible without your hard work and dedication to all parties involved. I appreciate all the time and effort that you have put in to help me.”

Yared A., Contractor

“During my three month job search, Talent Navigation Experts shined far above the rest. I was working with multiple (10+) recruiting firms.”

TNE Contract Employee

TNE Cares for Clients

Hiring is a time-consuming process. Our goal is to simplify the process and save time for our hiring managers. With our TNE Cares Program, we develop a partnership with our clients to ensure we are supporting you as a direct extension of your company. We want to exceed expectations, and we are willing to go the extra mile to make sure our clients are satisfied with their new hire.

  • Job OrderOur account managers utilize a customized job navigator form to get all the details necessary to provide top talent for the hiring manager. These details allow us to screen and present our candidates with more than a resume but rather a resume story. By looking at our candidates through the lens of our clients, we ask ourselves what they want to see in a candidate, overall speeding up our process.
  • End of first dayOur account managers will follow up with the hiring managers to check in on the first day of work.
  • End of First WeekOur account managers will follow up with the hiring managers to see how the first week went. We take this time to ensure that our contractors are performing well and to see if there is anything they need from our end.
  • 30/60/90 daysConsistent check-ins occur at 30, 60, and 90 days to make sure the hiring managers are receiving the performance expected and the contract employees are a strong cultural fit.