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Target Your Resume

At TNE, we create custom marketing packages for our candidates for each opportunity. One of the most important parts of the marketing package is a targeted resume. A targeted resume means you adjust it for each opportunity you pursue in three main areas.

1. Professional Profile / Summary- write a description of why you are a great fit for the specific opportunity you are applying for on the top of your resume. You may be thinking, I put a lot of work into my summary and don’t want that time and effort to be wasted. Good news, you can use most of the content you already wrote but make additions and subtractions based on the job description.

2. Technical Skills / Skills- if you are an IT professional then having a Technical Skills / Skills section is a great idea. Make sure all the technologies in the job description that you have experience with are also in your skills section. Note, hiring managers may ask technical questions based on your skills section so be prepared to talk about your experience with each technology. You can add in the soft skills that the job description is looking for as well.

3. Professional Experience- add bullet points including responsibilities and skills the job description is looking for that you have experience with. Note, be sure you are comfortable explaining what you are adding with a hiring manager, don’t oversell, and put everything in your own words, no copying and pasting from the job description itself. It is impactful to write bullet points as accomplishments and that won’t be in the job description anyways.
You may feel your resume is too long after adding information in all three areas listed above. No problem, just take out some of the experience and/or skills you have that the job description isn’t looking for. Keep all the variations of your resume you create so it will be easier each time to make changes.

Your TNE Recruiter is always more than happy to help you with your resume, especially when we are putting together your marketing package for a specific opportunity. Give us a call if you have any questions and we will be here to help you.