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If you’ve interviewed and been offered a job – congratulations! As exciting as this potential new chapter is, it can also be daunting to walk back into your employer’s office with the news.

Imagine yourself in your employer’s shoes. One of their top-performing employees is leaving unexpectedly, and they have most likely gone into panic mode. In this state, employers may be quick to make a counteroffer.

It may seem exciting for you now that you have two great options – pursuing a new opportunity to grow with a company or receiving more money in the position you’ve grown comfortable with – but keep in mind all of the factors that go into a decision like this.

There was a reason you started job-searching in the first place. More money is always a motivator, but what else drove you to look? Boredom of work? Lack of recognition? Personality fit? Disliking your boss? Insane deadlines? Whatever they may have been, money will only be a temporary fix. Those problems aren’t going to disappear, and you may end up even more frustrated.

Even if you truly did want that bump in your salary, think about what it took to get it. You needed to have one foot out the door to get paid the wage you wanted, and there’s no reason to think that future salary increases will be any easier. The next time you want a raise, you might even be refused altogether on the grounds that “we just gave you that big increase when you were thinking about leaving.”

Additionally, a pay increase to you is a quick and easy solution from your employer’s perspective. The loss in productivity and finding a replacement costs a lot more than giving you a bump in salary.

Keep in mind that your job security will decrease and your relationship with your employer has fundamentally changed. You’re no longer part of the inner circle, and you might be at the top of the list if your company needs to make cutbacks in the future.

Accepting a counteroffer initially seems like an easy and comfortable decision, but make sure you consider all the factors before jumping into the next chapter of your life!