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#1 Best Place to Work DBJ 2022

We are so excited and proud to announce that TNE was voted Best Place to Work by Denver Business Journal. Here is what Ryan and Bridget had to say about running an amazing company.

Year founded: 2012

Top local exec: Bridget Haith, owner/CEO Ryan Haith, President

Company website:

Location: Castle Pines

Full-time Colorado employees: 12

Have you made any changes since last year that you think might boost your scores? We have adapted to the new world that we all live in, and we have listened to our employees.  We value our employees’ input and we often take polls on different topics to make sure we truly understand everyone’s view.  We have transitioned to a 100% remote company (we voted on this 3 times – it was unanimous each time) but we put a lot of energy into making sure we don’t lose the culture we built while in the office. We still get together as a team on a monthly basis (at a minimum) but, if someone can’t join us in person, we utilize technology to make them feel like they are still there. We have helped build out everyone’s home office and get them all the tools they need to be successful. Working remotely has really allowed our team to be involved in their family and even pets’ lives on a more consistent basis. We know it is important to get out of your house when working remotely, so we have committed to making sure that we send our team to sporting events throughout the year. Last, we have done a really good job of recognizing our team for their exceptional performance and our culture is one that this happens peer-to-peer, not just top-down.

How does your own focus on culture influence or impact the companies and talent you connect? The positive culture we have established carries over into our approach to recruiting and how we partner with our clients.  We aren’t trying to force placements but rather truly trying to partner with our clients and candidates.  It’s the same approach internally at Talent Navigation, if you are treated fairly and you know that your teammate is going to do right by you, then you want to offer that same courtesy outside of our company.  We have had more positive feedback from clients and candidates about our level of customer service and what a positive experience it has been to partner with us than we ever have.  AND our numbers as a company have been the highest they have been in the 10 years we have been in business.

What is your No. 1 piece of advice for companies that want to transform their culture? Be open to change and listen to your employees!

Working from home or the office? We are working remotely from home.

How have you maintained a healthy culture over the past two years? We really try to make the employees feel valued. We make sure that everyone is recognized for their achievements. We also bond as a team outside of work with team bonding events. We are always in communication with each other on group texts or phone calls. We do not rely on emails. This weekend several members of our team are heading to the Rockies game together.

What would you say sets your culture apart from the competition? Our collaboration. We have created a culture where you are not competing against each other but, with each other. We all help each other out and seeing each other succeed is just as fun as the personal win.

What’s been your team’s biggest accomplishment of the past year? The quarter approaching our 10-year anniversary was the biggest quarter in the history of TNE. We are so excited to see where 2022 takes us.

Company culture in three words: Collaborative, teamwork, competitive