Product Manager

Detailed Job Description
Execute on product strategy and work with leadership to refine and adapt the strategy to stay aligned with the company vision.
o Select and define objectives (OKR framework) with leadership
o Select and define key results (OKR framework) with the product team
Realize opportunities by working with the product team to discover customer problems and define effective solutions
o Collaborate with leadership to select and implement product discovery initiatives that are in alignment with our product strategy
o Perform quantitative and qualitative research to supplement product discovery
market and competitive
customer interviews 
Define opportunities (write user stories)
Distill the real customer problems that we can solve from your research and communicate it simply and clearly, including the target persona, the problem they face, and the value they gain by solving the problem
Generate solution ideas with Development and other stakeholders
o Select promising solutions and validate them to identify the best opportunities
o Define the solution specifications and requirements clearly in Jira
Design intuitive and useful features and improvements
Collaborate with CS and Development to understand user workflows and technical considerations
Design features that are intuitive and that fulfill the specs and requirements above
Plan, prioritize, and execute the product roadmap
Define a product roadmap
Write good Epics, Tasks, and Sub-tasks in Jira
Prioritize the backlog and schedule tasks with Development
Deliver value to users by overseeing successful releases o Moderate/manage the Grapher project in Jira and be a resource for developers
Acceptance test new features, improvements, and bug fixes o Oversee alpha and beta testing o Perform release tasks
Ensure product success by evaluating performance as we balance delivering value, growing the user base, and maintaining high quality software
o Attend and contribute to Sprint and Release retrospectives
o Understand and suggest appropriate product success metrics
o Keep learning and a willingness to try new things to achieve our goals
o Review crash/bug reports and maintain a high standard of quality for the software
Communicate the product strategy and the value proposition of the product to the company
o Travel at least once per year to the company AHM
o Provide guidance for CS agents, up to and including directly contacting customers with issues
o Communicate the value of the product to Sales & Marketing