General Manager/COO

CCCP General Manager/COO Job Description               12-2-2022



  • Ability to act as a “thought partner” with the Board and its Committees.
  • Cultural development through good hiring, training, communication, and fostering a strong team work ethic.
  • Strong understanding of superb dining attributes and other food and beverage experiences for the club members and guests.
  • Effective financial management skills through oversight of annual operating and capital budgets.
  • Sincere and consistent member and staff engagement and visibility to members and staff as the face of the club.
  • Superior communication skills, exuding energy, and creativity.
  • Attentiveness to member services, programming, and satisfaction.
  • Process driven leadership: setting standards of performance and execution and ensuring that they are consistently maintained is critical.
  • Recognizes the Club’s marketplace, location and culture and works to position the Club within the community as a desirable and admired Club.
  • Expertise in staffing different divisions appropriately to provide exceptional service, while operating within a budget. 


The General Manager/COO has responsibility for all day-to-day operations of The Country Club at Castle Pines (CCCP).  S/he directs and administers all aspects of the operations to include amenities, staff, and all programs and activities to ensure outstanding service and member and guest satisfaction. 



  • Must be a thought partner for the Board, recognizing the importance of keeping CCCP on the cutting edge of country club excellence by having a keen understanding of current and future trends, demographics, legislative, economic, and social issues.  S/he should be decisive and set aggressive goals and objectives to ensure the Club’s current and future success.       



  • Must have sound financial management skills including the ability to oversee the preparation and management of annual operating and multi-year capital budgets supporting the strategic and tactical initiatives and expectations that s/he has established with the Board.
  • Is ultimately responsible to ensure that appropriate safeguards and controls are in place for all CCCP’s primary assets (membership, staff, amenities, etc.), whether it is for physical safety purposes or for the protection and long-term financial success of the Club.
  • Solidify partnerships with golf and agronomy teams to ensure overall club financial success.



  • Must lead CCCP’s membership recruitment and retention efforts.  It is very critical that s/he understands the local market and economy.  The candidate must be comfortable and competent being an integral and proactive part of developing relationships that lead to membership interest and/or business opportunities and is effective in orienting new members so their initial experience with CCCP results in constant use of the Club.
  • Is a catalyst for identifying new programs/services and enhancing current ones for members and their guests to increase club usage, member satisfaction, and member retention.



  • In partnership with the Board, the GM/COO must lead the development of a strategic plan/business road map for the current and future success of the Club. 
  • Must be able to identify issues, needs, goals, and objectives to help ensure the perpetuation and continued viability of the Club.



  • Ensure that member satisfaction is always the first priority.  Provide sincere and visibly engaged leadership and interaction with all facets of the membership and their guests.  Be a consistent and positive force behind the creation and continuous enhancement of all aspects of CCCP.  Must be visible and available to his/her membership.  Recognize that the Member Experience and exceeding the expectations of CCCP members is of critical importance to his/her long-term success.
  • Must understand and be able to bridge the differences in the Club’s demographics through effective member relations, activities programming and communication.
  • Active participant at Board and Club Committee meetings to set policies and strategies to achieve the Club’s goals and objectives.



  • Recognize, respect, and support the contributions of key managers and staff.  Ensure that appropriately skilled and competent departmental managers are in place for all key positions and that each of them does the same in their respective areas of responsibility.  Set standards of performance for all departments and hold them accountable for maintaining these standards within CCCP, most especially in member service areas.
  • Maintain an environment and overall atmosphere for management/staff that promotes and values appropriate and responsible contributions to the CCCP’s success.  Ensure that all staff is focused on positive, supportive relationships amongst themselves and with the membership.
  • Create an environment that ensures longevity and retention of employees.



  • Will be a primary two-way conduit for information exchange, and must be consistent, positive, and able to engage in this process.  S/he must be a true listener who places great importance on personal interactions with all constituencies of CCCP.
  • Experience in developing a communication platform using contemporary media (website, apps, social media, etc.) is desirable.
  • Is the primary verbal and written communicator of important information to members and staff and recognizes that the ability to convey information in an articulate, well-conceived and well-written manner is of utmost importance.
  • Believes in the power of proactive communication (i.e. orienting and culture setting) of members, staff, and guests to ensure the core values of the Club are being recognized and achieved. 


  • Assures excellent food and beverage production and service for all outlets.
  • Consistently provides superb dining and other food and beverage experiences for the Club members and guests.
  • Develops and enhances consistent on-boarding and training programs for all food service personnel, working as necessary with the managers directly responsible for those operations; Has a passion and aptitude for teaching and training.
  • Establishes and consistently enhances quantity and quality operating standards for personnel in areas of responsibility, and consistently evaluates their knowledge, understanding, and execution to these standards.
  • Clearly understands the financial metrics for successful attainment of goals and objectives in F&B operations, and consistently reviews these expectations with his or her direct reports to ensure understanding and ‘buy-in’ from those contributing to their attainment.

A minimum of 3+ years of verifiable, leadership and management experience in an active, first-class hospitality environment

  • A verifiable career track that demonstrates a record of tenure and commitment to previous employers, and that career moves were for enhancement of skills and experiences as opposed to ‘unplanned’ career changes.
  • Strong general leadership skills with verifiable strengths in team development, financial performance, diverse recreational amenity management (golf, tennis, family activities and others are especially desirable), quality food and beverage programming, exceptional member/guest service programming, strategic planning, project management, and most importantly the ability to consistently define and achieve goals and objectives. 



  • A Team Builder.  A person who embodies the persona of ultimate coach and motivator, bringing out the best in others by setting clear goals and expectations, providing consistent feedback and support, and treating others with respect and professionalism.
  • A confident, diplomatic, and competent professional who is a “doer” and “take-charge person” and who recognizes the importance of accountability.  A creative problem solver who commands respect through professional interactions and integrity.
  • Possessive of strong organizational skills and an obsession with details necessary to achieve high levels of quality, satisfaction, and outstanding member experiences.
  • A charismatic individual with a sense of humor and style that is commensurate with the culture and expectations of a friendly, fun, and supportive membership and team of associates.


  • A Degree is highly desirable, preferably in Hospitality Management or Business.
  • In lieu of the degree, substantial private club or hospitality experience will be considered.
  • Certified Club Manager (CCM) designation preferred but not a must.