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Work from Home Best Practices

Due to the uncertainty that COVID-19 has placed upon our society, the majority of businesses have fully transitioned into working remotely. Although many employers don’t have experience dealing with a remote team, studies have shown that working from home can increase productivity.

As our team transitions into working from home, we have incorporated a few best practices in order to make the most of our workday and stay productive. Check out our list of work from home Do’s and Don’ts below:


1. Continue your routine

What was your typical routine during the work week? Wake up at the same time, get dressed, make your regular cup of coffee, and create your schedule to tackle the day ahead. Continuing with your daily routine will eradicate any bad habits you may be tempted to develop

2. Create a designated spot to work

Pick a spot that you can designate as your office. Take light, privacy for taking calls, and flexibility to stand up every once in awhile into consideration.

3. Schedule breaks

Be sure to incorporate breaks into your new work from home schedule. Make a goal to have these breaks mirror the ones you make in the office.

4. Exercise & Move

When working remote, it’s easy to lose track of time. Before you know it, it’s been 5 hours since you last moved. Be adamant about moving around your house or taking time for mini exercises throughout the day.

5. Schedule video meetings with your colleagues

In order to avoid feeling isolated when working remotely, schedule calls or video meetings with your co-workers. If you need to go over a project with a colleague, these types of video meetings can encourage a sense of community with your team.


1. Don’t work from your bed

Studies have shown that employees who bring their work materials into their sleep environment will weaken the mental association between work and bedtime and cause a difficult transition from work to sleep. Research has also proven that working from your bed will negatively impact productivity levels.

2. Don’t let social media distract you

Social media can hurt your focus and make you procrastinate on work that needs to get done. Put your phone away or delete any apps that could be a distraction. There are great tools and extensions like Site Blocker on Google Chrome that can minimize the use of social media during the day.

3. Don’t procrastinate

Stick to your schedule and set clear expectations with you and your manager. That way you have someone to hold you accountable to hit your goals!

4. Don’t wear pajamas while you work

When you dress for work, you are setting mental boundaries between work and relaxation. If you continuously work from your pajamas, productivity will falter. In addition to feeling fresh, dressing for work sets the professional tone for family or others who you’re interacting with throughout the day.