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Why TNE should be on your Vendor List

The current situation

With the rapidly growing technology and finance/accounting market in Colorado its more important than ever to get more ROI from your staffing partners. In 2016 Denver alone was projected to add 45,000 new jobs and with that comes the painful process of hiring. In 2010 the average time to fill for each position was 12.6 days but in 2015 that number has jumped to 22.9 days. What changed? Many things have impacted these numbers but there are a few key points to hone in on. With the increase in demand for faster releases (i.e. DevOps), many hiring managers don’t have the time to commit to a rigorous schedule of reviewing hundreds of resumes that probably aren’t qualified and finally interviewing between three to five candidates for 30+ minutes each. The hiring manager’s time is at an all-time premium so the candidates being presented need to be top-tier candidates who are not only screened thoroughly but also fully committed to the process.  A large majority of candidates being presented by many other firms are barely a “buzz word” match much less a performance and culture match which slows down the process.

Your reputation

Due to the high volume of opportunities in IT as well as other markets, and the shift in demographics in the workplace, it is not only imperative for you to sell your brand but also to partner with those who can also sell your brand effectively. Because of this shift, candidates today spend three times more energy in researching and comparing your organization to your competition. Each candidate spends on average 49.7 seconds reviewing a job posting before deciding if they’ll apply. That means you have less than one minute to get your message across and attract that ideal passive candidate. On average, consumers (i.e. job seekers) visit at least three different sources to research your company and read on average 7-8 reviews before applying to a position. Poorly written job descriptions, slow (or no) feedback after applying, and how the employee or consultant is managed while working for you greatly impact your reputation and even with the spike in job growth, Denver is still a very small and tightly knit community.

Where we come in

At Talent Navigation, we strive to go beyond the “grocery list” job descriptions and the “bullet list” resumes. We invest time to meet with our hiring managers either in person or via phone to understand your business, your strategy, and your culture to get a sound picture of what type of person would be good for your organization. Then we dig into your project to understand your deliverables, your technology stack, and the nuances of the position you’re looking to fill to help us target the right candidate for you.

Our process

Once we gather all the pertinent details of what you’re looking for, our recruiting team uses our proactive approach to finding the right candidate(s) to initiate the interview process. Our recruiting team goes through training each week to update their knowledge on a wide spectrum of technology from DevOps, Security, Application and Mobile Development, UI/UX Design, Business Intelligence and more. They learn the tools used in each role, how developers work, they see the code and understand what the trends are for each technology stack to be able to screen candidates with scrutiny. With this technical knowledge, and their proactive approach, they target passive candidates who are currently excelling in their current roles. We use performance based interviewing techniques to understand not only what the candidate has done in their career but what they’re capable of and if they can add value to your team. Once we interview several candidates we only submit three candidates for each position knowing that your time is valuable and we’re confident at least one out of three will be what you need. With the knowledge, we gain from meeting with your hiring managers our recruiters sell your brand with intimate knowledge and enthusiasm as if they worked directly for your organization. They sell the culture, the interview process, and the career opportunities they would gain for working on your team. Not only to we sell your brand but we’re also your P.R. firm. If there’s a hiccup in the process, if timelines are delayed, or if you’re waiting for budget approval our recruiters are trained to handle those concerns and ensure the candidate feels comfortable with the process and remains committed.

What this means to you

Working with Talent Navigation improves your ROI and reduces time to fill because you will receive only a few highly qualified candidates for your opportunity; candidates who have been through a rigorous interview process and have committed to moving forward with your organization. We navigate the interview process to coordinate schedules for you and prepare candidates on what to expect to make the most out of everyone’s time. We also improve your brand because Talent Navigation also performs any necessary P.R./damage control and overcoming objections along the way to ensure you can focus on more important things.  Finally, we offer HR training to our clients on trends, employment laws, regulations, and compliance to ensure you’re never at risk during an employment audit.

Isn’t it time to reduce your vendor list and go with a firm that has the knowledge and experience and can sell your brand as well as you do?