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TNE Blogs and Newsletters

What Separates TNE from The Pack?

In a world of staffing agencies Talent Navigation Experts (TNE) is one fish in the ocean of thousands. We like many offer contractors, direct hire and contract to hire. We also recruit from social media and personal leads, and we like many tirelessly hear “No.” So what separates TNE from the pack of recruiting agencies? TNE Cares. When I say TNE Cares, I don’t just mean to tell you we care about you, that would make for a short article. What I mean is TNE has an entire program (TNE Cares Program) implemented to caring for our clients and candidates.

Unfortunately, in our industry more often than less, you receive a call from a recruiter, you’ll interview they get your hopes high and maybe even get you hired, but never hear from them again after your first day. We at TNE do not handle our candidates this way. Here’s how we build relationships with candidates from the first interaction and beyond.

  • 1st Client Interview– Our Recruiters have correspondence with our candidates prior to the interview, confirming the appointment, ensuring they are prepared, and wishing them well.
  • Prior to the first day– Recruiters send details regarding the placement first day and congratulate them once again.
  • First Day– Each Placement receives a “Welcome Package” on their first day from TNE. At the end of the day the recruiter follows up with the Placement to see how the first day went.
  • First Week– TNE Cares Rep reaches out to placement to confirm first week successful and answer any questions.
  • 30/60/90 Days – We reach out to the placement at 30, 60, and 90 days to see how they are doing. We even send birthday cards each year.

I know what you’re thinking, sounds great if I am a candidate but what about clients? TNE doesn’t play favorites we have a TNE Cares program for you too! Our Clients are the oil to our well-mannered machine, without clients we wouldn’t be able to take care of our candidates the way we do. Our clients receive top of the line service, TNE acts as a direct extension of your company.

  • Job Order– Our Account Managers gather all the details necessary to provide top talent to the Hiring Managers.
  • Hiring– We perform a thorough pre-employment screening base on your company requirements.
  • End of first week– Account Managers follow up with the Hiring Managers to check on the placements first week.
  • 30/60/90 Days – Feedback is requested regarding the placements performance at 30,60, and 90 days to help ensure the Hiring Managers are receiving the performance expected

The TNE Cares Program was implemented to complete our process efficiently. TNE truly cares about our candidates and clients. We want the tedious experience of hiring or job searching to be carefree and easy, with TNE we create an environment for both. We not only believe in building relationships with our clients and placements but also continuing our relationships to make them stronger. TNE Cares is what separates Talent Navigation Experts from the thousands of staffing agency, but actually caring is what keeps us successful.