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What Makes a Team Effective?

Psychologists have long studied tasks and teams in the workplace. A common question among psychologists is “are tasks better done by one person or several people in combination?”  Well, research has shown that a task is done better and more effectively by several individuals in combination, which is why most companies support the use of teams. But what is it that makes a team so effective?

Balanced roles among team members has shown teams to be more effective and efficient.  If there is a balance of skills and abilities among the individuals of a team, the team is said to be more effective.

Excellent communication between all parties also yields an effective team. Team meetings are productive in the workplace, and even if team meetings are not present it is still important that there is open communication between team members to be as effective as possible. Gaps in communication can lead to less effective teams.

Trust your team members! Trust means that you are relying on your team members to do their job.  This is essential to an effective team because it provides a sense of safety and puts an individual’s mind at ease knowing that their team members are doing what they are supposed to.  This leads to team members feeling more comfortable to open up, take risks, and expose vulnerabilities, all of which increase a team’s productivity and effectiveness.