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TNE Blogs and Newsletters

TNE Welcomes David!

We are thrilled to have David join our team as TNE’s newest Account Manager!

Originally from North Carolina, David’s career path has taken many twists and turns throughout his life. He has pursued professional photography in the film industry, managed fine dining restaurants, and has excelled in technology and healthcare staffing. Throughout each endeavor, however, David has focused on helping others and making the world around him better for it.

As an Account Manager, David’s goal is to engage and partner with managers, executives, and talent acquisition teams to manage and improve their sourcing efforts. With his dedication and strong work ethic, David will provide unparalleled customer service to ensure success for his partners.

When he’s not working, David loves hiking, photography, and enjoying the live music scene at Red Rocks. His greatest accomplishment is raising an intelligent, caring, and beautiful daughter.

Welcome to the team, David. We’re excited to have you here with us!