Giving Thanks

In honor of Giving Tuesday, we all try to take a step back from the chaos of the holiday season to appreciate and recognize the importance of giving back. Amidst the overwhelming stress that seems to increase with holiday shopping and year-end meetings, it’s important to reflect on what we have and what we’re thankful for.

Last week, TNE celebrated our annual Thanksgiving potluck together. As we went around the table to talk about what we were grateful for, we couldn’t help but notice that there’s more to be thankful for in the workplace beyond having a job. Each day we are challenged, surrounded by people who are invested in our personal and career growth, and given the opportunity to build strong relationships with our co-workers, partners, and candidates.

Challenges may not always seem like a blessing, but each day at work, we have a purpose. Whether we’re finding that perfect software engineer for a client or understanding a candidate’s career goals and helping them achieve it, we are motivated to make some type of impact every day. With each challenge we overcome, we learn and improve upon ourselves and our role.

Thanks to our leadership and the company values instilled in each employee, we are fortunate to work in such a supportive environment. Our colleagues sincerely care about each other’s personal and career growth, and it’s motivating to see how individuals’ values align with our company belief, appropriate recognition motivates our people to be successful. There is no hesitation to acknowledge someone for a win, and it’s always fun celebrating others on their victories. Recognition of hard-earned accomplishments cultivates a positive culture and more productive workplace.

Finally, we are given the opportunity to build strong, professional relationships with others. In the staffing and recruiting industry, we are constantly communicating with people. Because we spend a huge part of our lives at work, it’s great to be surrounded by colleagues where we can share anecdotes and memorable moments with.

Despite that Monday through Friday work grind, we are grateful that we can look forward to coming into work each morning. The opportunity to be challenged and collaborate with supportive colleagues is rare. Although it’s the time of year where we’re encouraged to reflect and give thanks, let’s transform this season into a lifestyle. There’s too much to be appreciative of not to!