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Positivity in the Workplace

Lack of Positivity in the workplace can be detrimental to office productivity.

Positivity is the practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude. Have you ever been on edge and trapped in a negative down spiral? It takes a toll, doesn’t it? It’s easy to become jaded and allow ourselves to think negative thoughts.

Practicing positive self-talk can be beneficial. A simple sentence such as; ‘I can do this,’ can clear your thoughts of all panic, broaden your mind to see all possible solutions, and greatly boost your productivity. Positive self-talk is a direct spin-off of positive emotions. It is the physical manifestation of your psyche encouraging you, and it’s proven to have numerous benefits. Unfortunately, research shows that 80% of an average person’s thoughts in one day are negative and self-deprecating. Only 20% of our inner dialogue even remotely resembles positive thoughts.

Let’s challenge ourselves to change the way we allow ourselves to think. There are some major benefits that come from positive thinking. You tend to be less stressed and have a greater overall well-being. Your mind has a powerful effect on your body. Your thoughts and attitudes can have a particularly powerful influence. You are more likely to achieve something if you tell yourself that you can!

Even if positive thinking doesn’t come naturally to you, there are plenty of great reasons to start cultivating affirmative thoughts and minimizing negative self-talk. We can do this! Let’s start to share our positive energy and watch it spread throughout the offices where we work.