The Power of Social Media

Social Media post


Social Mfacebook application iconedia can be used for a multitude of things like staying connected to friends and family, posting photos, keeping updated with the latest news, but for companies it can make you or break you. Social Medias like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are a saving grace for companies they allow a way to connect without the awkward door to door walk in. They create a safe place for companies and professionals to talk with no expectations of each other. For large companies they are continuing news stream of big events and company happenings, for smaller companies its strictly brand building, social media is a platform for smaller companies to get there name known. I believe social media boils down to one thing “Its not what you know, its who you know.” If you can gather information on the CEO or hiring manager of a company, then it gives you an upper hand in a meeting. Trying to create a business relationship out of thin air is hard but having your business in social media, creates a pathway to building a relationship with other companies. Sending a quick message to each company explaining who you are and what you do can for them, isn’t necessarily going to get you the job but in six months when they need your expertise they will remember that message and hopefully reach out. Social Media has a power that is undeniable it can produce relationships, and put your foot in the door, it has the power to grow your business with just a few likes.


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